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End of the year to do list


Fourth quarter of the year -

This is the time of the year when most companies are gearing up for year end closing and getting ready for next year's growth. 

What do you do? 

A budget/projection is a good start to keep track where your company is heading and how profitable your company will be; and where do you want to re-invest the profit for growth.   The questions are endless.

How do you prepare a budget?

Start off with a list of questions on what you want to do with your company next year.  You will be amazed what kind of success you are painting for the future years.

For new business owners, even though you do not have prior year data to help you with this process, it shall not be the reason as why you can't have a budget.

Regardless of your budget size, it is important to follow through with what you have set for you and your company to achieve each year.  Be realistic but not overly conservative with your goals.

The key to success is not only offering good products or services, but is to have good habits in keeping your company's finances in order!


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